To the Gaggle of Geese,

Growing up family traditions were the focus of all events brought together by love, laughter, and of course food.  With loved ones surrounding the dining room table it was always clear that no meal was complete without dessert, and our traditional toffee would be brought out, exciting the children with its savory temptations and wowing the adults with caramel grandeur.  Having been blessed with the cooking abilities of my mom and business mind of my dad, I took the family recipe, my own sass and artistic twist, and a whole lot of leopard print to unveil Goose’s Goodies-a decadent avert made for family, friends and epicures’ alike.  Goose’s Goodies is sure to spread sweet toffee love to whomever it reaches.  Straight from my family kitchen to your home you will surely find that one bite is just never enough.  Stay Goosed!



Muriel, Stan and Marci Prolo

Muriel and Marci Prolo